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In observance of the

4th of July Holiday

No Games this week.

See ya for week 4

games on  7/10/20

champs schedule weeks 2 results.jpg

Bellow, please find next weeks schedule and answers to a few questions people had .


Here's a few answers to some questions.


1. The championship game will be played by the two top teams with the most W's (wins)


2. Each cage will be marked with bright colored ribbon and point value to  clearly mark the area that is a scoring area or an out. 


3. Every player gets 2 pitches. They can watch one and must swing at the second or it's an OUT. 


4. Games are 30 mins or 6 innings. Whichever comes first. 


5. Teams switch after 3 outs or 15 points are scored in one inning. 


6. If the ball hits the top of the net and bounces down to the ground , it's an out. 

7. All pitchers must use the Z screen for their own safety. We do have catchers scull caps  available to borrow upon request for added protection, free of charge.

8.  If the ball hits the top of the net it must hit the back net to gain points according to where the ball hits on the back net. One , Two or Three points can be earned.


Because we have on odd number of teams, two teams will play the same team twice in one night. We have room for 2 more teams if anyone knows of teams wanting to join our league.

We ask that all players and coaches waiting for their turn, please wait in the green area if your game is on.

We ask that parents or spectators, wait in designated waiting areas.

It's very important that we keep the walking isle and doorways clear and that we allow score keeps to concentrate on the game they are scoring.

Thank you for your cooperation see ya next Friday!

Play Ball!!!

Sandy McIntire

APC Sports & Apparel

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